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In the foothills , creativity flourishes, making it a preferred destination for artists across various disciplines. Discover the wealth of talent peeking out from every corner, with numerous galleries awaiting exploration in Longview, Diamond Valley, High River and Okotoks.

Just a short drive away, the iconic Bar U Ranch stands as a National Historic Site, providing a captivating window into the rich history of ranching in the region. Similarly, Diamond Valley boasts its National Historic Site—the Turner Valley Gas Plant—offering enlightening tours during the summer months that delve into the fascinating history of oil in Alberta.


To enrich your historical journey, don't miss the Okotoks Museum and Archives, where the local narrative comes alive, and the Museum of the Highwood in High River, which offers a unique perspective on the area's heritage.

For an intriguing day trip, venture to the Crowsnest Pass, where history unfolds amidst the remnants of a town buried under an avalanche of rock. The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre promises a captivating exploration of this historical event.

Whichever direction you choose to explore, the foothills reveal a tapestry of cultural richness and historical depth. Each discovery, whether in a gallery, museum, or historic site, adds a layer to the immersive experience that defines this enchanting region.

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