Afternoon Picnic

Have you ever thought it would be fun to go on a nice picnic near the mountains, but you just didn't want to go through the hassle of packing the basket?

We can provide a lovely picnic ready-made for you and  have it all set up for  when you arrive at Willow Hill Lodge

If you want a truly special experience, we provide  beautiful areas on our property for you to have some cozy time with your significant other or friends. Imagine an upscale picnic complete with cozy pillows, a picnic blanket, amazing food and  little decor extras to enhance the experience. 

Image by iam_os

Don't think for a minute that this package is only for the summer months. We can provide this picnic year round!

 One of our unique day getaways includes snowshoeing the property to get to your picnic area. Imagine  your picnic lunch is all set up for you at the end of your trek with a warm fire ready  to toast your toes by. A true Alberta experience!

Contact us to discuss booking these unique options.